5G Hellscape: Pervasive Microwave Radiation Risks Health of Millions of Americans

2023-07-24 22:32:00.0
I am writing today to bring to the attention of law enforcement a situation that I am certain is affecting the health and well-being of my family.

I have discovered that there are several Wifi hotspots putting unwanted radioactive energy into my home.

We have produced two short videos providing evidence that wireless energy is coming into our home from outside our home.  The videos are tagged with time, date, and GPS coordinates.  In the videos, pay attention to the intensity of wifi energy we detect within our home, and how we track them back to the wireless exhaust's point source.

The CDC has identified RF energy as possibly carcinogenic to humans, despite already conclusively demonstrating the harmful effects of RF on nonhuman lab experiments.

According to this NIH publication, "dirty electricity elevates blood sugar among electrically sensitive diabetics and may explain brittle diabetes".

RF energy is real, and has been identified in studies as carcinogenic to animals, but wide scale human safety tests have not been performed.  From 1985 to 2021, the wireless industry banked 204.21 billion U.S. dollars in services revenue alone.

As early as 1971, the US Navy Medical Research Institution published a study on the effects of these wireless energy fields.  The study indicated disease, hormonal fluctuation, changes in heart rhythm and activity, cell death, lower metabolism, thyroid dysfunction, and troubled digestion.

The Bioinitiative Report (University of Albany) found problems with sperm count, headaches, emotional irritation, concentration.  All of the studies cited in this report were peer reviewed.

The Moscow Signal Report documented that wireless transmissions from the Soviet Union from 1953 to 1976 used radio energy in the same frequency range as wifi preceded the development of cancer in several embassy personnel.  The working hypothesis is that the Russians were using the technology for espionage, but that collateral damage to the health of a diplomat and his staff resulted.  In 1976 the US State Department performed a study, but found no link.  However, in 2019 the study was reviewed and the results suggested that the State Department doctored the study.

According to a lengthy article with ample sources from The Nation, Motorola was caught red handed manipulating study results to cast doubt on credible science about the dangers of wireless.

We are left to conclude that the wireless industry is unscrupulous and negligent in rolling-out these technologies; perhaps completely evil if they understand the effects of their products, which it appears that they do, at least at Motorola.

Now, with the emergence of more data regarding "Microwave Syndrome", it is clear that the features of wireless technology come at a major cost to the health of the  public.

We are now experiencing some of the same afflictions in our home, and we believe it is due to being surrounded by and exposed to more than three wifi hotspots near our home.

We have gathered the evidence including medical results specifically showing issues with thyroid of our oldest child who eats well, exercises regularly, but still exhibits these symptoms.

I'm drafting this piece today not as an attack on law enforcement who may be using these technologies for security, but rather as an appeal to South Dakota's philosophers that we might sort-out what it means to have property.

Wireless energy is real.  It arguably has a weight, and it's being broadcast through my home and into the bodies of my family.  It is a clear violation of the sanctity of our home.  Ideally, after reading this and watching our videos, the three offenders who are closest to us will cease and desist broadcasting this unwanted wifi energy into our home.

Otherwise, financially unable to move, we will be forced to work with law enforcement to clarify whether it is legal to spew carcinogenic energy into our home.

For more information, please see this Epoch Times article.
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