Alex Newman: The People Coming Across the Border are Victims of Schooling

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According to Alex Newman:

Indoctrination of the vast majority of young people created a passionate desire to see the US destroyed, believe the ideals of the US must be discredited.  They wanted a civil war.

Government school systems are all under control of the United Nations.

Government education of children was inconceivable to the founders of the country.

Communists create the American public school system.

Americans at the time of the founding were knowledgable and literate.

Rockefellers and Carnagies unleashed the public school system around the world.

The UN is taking the lead on education issues from sexuality to geopolitics to entrepreneurship and business.

The world core curriculum was written by Robert Mueller.  The founder of the Lucifer Publishing Company was the progenitor of this curriculum.  It's now called the Lucious Trust, and there is a "new" book called the "New Age".  She claimed the goal of education was to prepare children for global government.

The French Revolution was a satanic revolution organized by secret societies.

The focus of this current revolution is the indoctrination of a generation in public schools.

The agenda is now so obvious the average people can recognize what is happening, an anti-human movement to enslave and pervert and denigrate and destroy civil society.

It's do or die time for the New World Order.

Now is the time to get involved.  It starts in your own home.  Protect your children from this agenda.

False flags are incoming to blame Trump supporters for false flags promulgated by special forces of other nations who have infiltrated the US and could be activated at a moment's notice.

Globalists are like a cornered animal.

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