AWFL Woman Gets Emotionally Driven Verbal Diarrhoea

2023-10-14 13:05:00.0
AWFL stands for Affluent White Female Liberal.

I would consider adding "Hateful" or "Hormonal" to the label:

Hateful Affluent White Female Liberal, or HAWFL.

This woman seems to typify the slur, going on an epic rant laced with her opinions about President Trump, politics, and a feigned victimization.

Unfortunately, while she criticizes President Trump's supporters for not providing any facts to support their position, she fails to provide any facts to support her own position.

Likely driven by fear over 401K funds and mutual fund investments on the precipice of crashing, the prospect of the failure of these investments in globalization failing spectacularly drives the confirmation bias of her own financial position.

We see this a lot.
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