Burning it All Down

2023-08-18 02:56:43.0
The country is on fire literally.  According to Alex Jones and other reliable sources, the fires were started intentionally to help DC move climate change money through to intended benefactors.

The entire nation at multiple times in 2023 was covered in this smoke as the fires rage-on.

There is some speculation that the clearing facilitates mineral detection and extraction.  Without the foliage in the way, equipment can gain more reliable access to mine materials to make coal/gas charged car batteries and other necessities of a hair brained build back deadlier - I mean better - vision.

In the meantime, America burns, but it's not from climate change.  It's from lighters and gasoline.

The intended effect is demoralization, but with this kind of advance knowledge of what is actually happening the actual effect is quickly growing vindictive yet patient anger.

Pictured: US smoke and fire map as of 8/17/2023.

Click here to see a bigger version of the map.
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