Deep State and US Intelligencia Planning False Flag on Power Grid to be Blamed on Patriots

2023-05-30 16:11:13.0
False Flag attacks are a part of war tactics dating back eons.  The basic idea behind a false flag is to falsely blame someone or some group for an act of war.

Mostly, people are good and want to do good and peaceful things; fishing, hunting, family, building, art.  Folks don't naturally have a taste for war and fighting.  They have to be made to like it.

If the leadership of one group feels it needs a war it cannot fight by itself, it must find a way to motivate the people to step in front of bullets for the war.

Globalist war fighters have infiltrated the US military, US government, and US education. They have infiltrated US telephones, FaceBook accounts, and text messages.  They want the resources of the United States.  Always have.  Always will.

In order to get the resources of The United States, they must create a civil war. In order to create the civil war, mostly through video gaming platforms, young people have been recruited into a false flag scenario wherein they believe they are fighting for good by attacking US patriots.

The NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, and IRS are all captured by these foreign actors, creating a very dangerous situation for these young people and for US patriots.

How do you know if you're subject to a false flag psychological operation?

1 - You being told biased generalized statements that "patriots" are the enemy?
2 - Are you being told that mass surveillance is not "stealing" information from the private lives of citizens?
3 - Are you being told who you can and cannot associate with?
4 - Are you finances dependent upon 1, 2, or 3?

If you find you have been enlisted in a false flag operation, you are in a very dangerous position.  Incompetence is your friend.  Slow down, think carefully, and try to find other sources of income that will help you break free from the control.

Historically, lower level operators in false flag operations are loose ends, and in grave danger.  If an operation like this one (in our case here in the US right now, a communist takeover attempt) is successful, these loose ends are cleaned up first.

Your most powerful weapon is association and freedom of speech.  The more people that know about your situation, the more expensive it will be to clean up, which creates friction in the process, and gives you more time on Earth.

Best of luck young men and women.

And Godspeed.
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