David Icke: Those Ordering the Slaughter (Cult-owned Israeli Government) Stay in a Safe Place While Innocent Civilians are Slaughtered

2023-10-08 09:53:00.0
David Icke contextualizes the current "manufactured crisis" in Israel in an effort to get to the bottom of what is "really behind Hamas".

"[Assassinations do not have to be directed, they have to be allowed to happen]".

"They will want you to take sides.  I take the side of civilians."

"[Civilians in Gaza are now suffering the horrors of the Israeli response.]"

Sabbatean cult (Rothschild's very much involved and created Israel) is a Satanic grouping that is expert in posing as what it is not.  They might pose as Islamic leaders, they might pose as Vatican leaders, or they might and have mercilessly for the Jewish people in general, they might and have posed as Jewish leaders."

I'm all-in on this dissertation.

"The Palestinians and the Jewish people are pawns in that game, and they need to come together."
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