Elon Musk Sets New Standard for Success

2023-05-13 10:26:13.0
Elon's Twitter stint has him realizing that no computer is safe, not even the ones that self drive his cars.  Code changes are being reverted, TCP traffic is being transformed in real-time based on AI recommendations, and dutifully populated feeds are being populated with information from sources not known or trusted by users, without user consent.

Elon's standard for success - everybody is equally unhappy - works great in times of doubt, when it is impossible to know good guys from bad guys.  Now, however, we have full knowledge of who is working for good, and who is laced into the devil's butt hole.  The "everybody is angry" standard does not work when the good guys and the bad guys are unmasked.

My own personal opinion is that Elon Musk is just a sucker for a strong biological woman's boobs.

In reality, Elon is just a boob.  A made man.  His tracks were greased, and he started across the finish line despite the picture of his struggle that was crafted in the darkness of the pre-Trump era.

Sorry Elon, but I'm steadfast.  You are putting Earth into a microwave oven like construct with StarLink.  Your self driving cars emancipate US citizens from their freedom to drive (core to American culture).  Your space rockets are like self serving penis extensions that reflect a disconnect from humanity (give me a bright shiny new toy, don't fix this one).

So, best of luck on your trip to Mars.  When are you leaving?  Would you like me to pack you a cheese sandwich and as much shitcoin as you can carry?

I will provide a 10 dollar reward for anyone that can prove Elon Musk was breast fed.
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