FaceBook is Schizophrenic

2024-01-14 08:42:36.0
On one hand, if you post something about the 17,000,000 deaths globally from the Covid-19 jabs, FaceBook gives you strikes even thought the guy publishing the study has a PhD in physics and hundreds of doctors around the globe agree.  On the other hand, in the "reels" function of FaceBook, they are stoking your angst and conspiracy in a move I can only surmise is to diffuse retaliation by giving the impression that something is actually being done about all this hullabaloo.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect that hits home for me is the comment that strong brotherhood is not allowed unless it is within the power structure.

Here is a series of three videos from FaceBook with incredible information that, to my knowledge, is not correlated to any society-wide corrective action.
2024-01-31 15:18:58.0
2024-01-14 08:42:36.0
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