In Response to Dakota War College Article by Chairman Wiik

2023-08-02 10:50:47.0
The original article can be found here and for reference and validation the link is also viewable in the attached image.

My comments regarding the article are as follows, and have been posted here due to censorship occurring at Dakota War College:

By its progenitors - military forces around the world - The Internet was envisioned as a tool to create a traceable track back system that would prevent all crime eventually through 100% efficiency in prosecution.

But the generalized methods ensconced in the design also appealed to a criminal class of elitist banksters who realized they could change the intent and function of the software through runtime polymorphism to usher in a social credit score system like China.

Slowly these anti-human criminals engaged in a cat/mouse game with a population of patriotic Americans who used the technology to distribute information at the speed of light; a digital global printer.

If a population's management/leaders turn tyrannical the last thing they want is an informed population with respect to the malfeasance.

Yet, for some reason, facing up to tyrants is taboo even when evidence about their tactics is legion.

For a President to speak directly to his constituents without the interpretation of a media funded by multinational corporations, the auto industry, big pharma, and big tech is viewed as dangerous and criminal because it is a threat to the status quo of entrenched political power.

Trump's first term, wherein he had a direct line to the people, wherein he was able to real-time debunk misinformation, was refreshing.

I found the Chairman's article to be interesting and informative, putting things in perspective regarding SD's obviously controlled and inept media.

Why obviously?  In 2020, Dr. Francis Boyle's comments regarding Fauci and the vaccines were universally ignored.  I couldn't read all of the papers in SD, but I didn't see one paper quote Dr. Boyle, the author of anti-bio warfare legislation approved unanimously by Congress during Bush II's term.

How can any publication be trusted that didn't report on the burst pipes in GA, oversight abuse in MI, "broken machines" in Arizona (2022), how we got to mail-in ballots (pandemic fear), and eventually shots that are shockingly hurting more people than anytime in the history of the medical profession?  That these things didn't appear in the local rags means they can never be trusted again, and a new model is appropriate.

.. but a new model that doesn't rely on Artificial Intelligence censorship of the development of political ideas in the public sphere by South Dakotans.
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