Mike Cernovich Gives Lesson in Recent History and the Potent Moral Philosophy Emanating from Enlightened Gen-X

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This is the most important dissertation Mike Cernovich has published in my opinion.  He was made for this moment.  Mike recommends googling "2003 Unpatriotic Conservatives" to understand how perilous this moment has become.

David From wrote the "seminol" article, calling anti-war people pro [insert terrorist group].

This is known as the War on Terror (WOT).  It was based on "hoaxes and lies".

"Mow the lawn" and "turn it to glass" are genocidal terms of ethnic cleansing.

Cernovich is an imperfect person with a tiny attack surface, but a huge audience of people who listen to what he says because of his merit as a philosopher of the modern era.

Always take a buddy with you for plausible deniability, to "be accountable."

Not sure personally about the recommendation to carry a phone (like 2000 mules, I'm always wary of people pushing reasons to use the technology to save us when the technology is compromised).  His entire archive of photographs could be deleted remotely using back doors installed after, during 2003.
Probably has 20,000 pictures of the ground or random things or the sky to geo-locate himself to prevent the frame-up.

Cernovich dishes on the strategy used to pull the US into war after war, before we can recharge the resources of the nation to bolster protection.

I hope he's not live-streaming around his children.  When sending content from your phone, its cellular antenna is emitting radiation.  The more you send, the more radiation which is not good for children.

Michael Hastings allegedly had his car hacked and it was crashed to kill him.

"I can forgive a man who [runs me under the bus] because he had to feed his family and get a paycheck.  But [if you threw me under the bus for another reason] you are a worm." -- Mike Cernovich

Don't carry bad karma around with you.

If I might praise on important aspect of Mike Cernovich's approach that is so important and contributes to his success, it's that he can invoke and discuss moral issues without overt references to any particular religious world view.  Alex Jones used to adhere to this practice years ago.

A most important idea:
"You can cite a Bible verse to justify anything." -- Mike Cernovich

"[What does your heart tell you?]" -- Mike Cernovich

"I eat the trauma of what I'm doing .. if I were Israel, maybe I would be dropping the bombs, and I would weep for the innocent people that were going to die.  I wouldn't rationalize it, I would take that weight in my heart, and I will face it." -- Mike Cernovich

"[The rules of religion can help transform the heart."] -- Mike Cernovich
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