We are in the Age of Manufactured Consent

2023-07-15 06:23:00.0
When the origin of ideas was still a mystery, mankind was at the apex of its pseudo-self-determination phase.  We thought we had free will, but we couldn't prove it.

Then, science indicated that free will was not possible since the inflow and outflow of information to our senses is functional - it will yield the same output for the same input; same genetics, same weather, same food, same activity, same person.

Then, science "discovered" the God particle, dark matter, and indicated the presence of an indescribable layer of the universe to which we all apparently owe allegiance; the constantly changing laws of Physics.  Physics brings back the mystery and possibility that something yet unknown makes consciousness buck the yolk of causality that free will might exist.  Free will and the soul seem to be the same thing.

Once science figured out that the brain learns, it started practicing and testing.  It found that using social media and financial manipulation a shady actor can control a person's life and make them into just about anything; an animal, a transvestite, a self mutilating transsexual, homosexual, other.  The language determines everything from a very young age.  Over time, words, images, and scenes make much of the soul through the eyes and ears.  It's why kids who stay in school (home school or government school) tend to do better in the subjects; common sense!  The same person could speak German or English.  For perspective - a poor communicator and speaker will fail to survive from lack of learning important life lessons.

Using technology and science we barely understand, a 20 year long personality delivery system was constructed using trillions in tax dollars and leaving the American public saddled with debt.

Human families, villages, towns, cities, counties, states, provinces formed before our modern technology, eventually creating physical borders in our minds around language and different human tissue growing from different foods and weather.  Before planes connected the world by a 12 hour flight, human traits developed more randomly and naturally around geography, climate, and food.  Through eons, mother nature was the primary educator.  She largely defined the nation states that formed up around growing families of people.  

The teachers' unions are your mother, now.

These zany brain-tinkerers now have discovered how to use social media to program people who become detached from nature through a hand-held glass screen.  As mostly unknown globalists invest to create security perimeters around themselves, technology impregnated metropolitan hell scapes form up into a panopticon.  Rather than pursuing a freedom-first vision with borders where humans may roam the land and freely associate, Smart City dystopias form around us injecting us full of unwanted global supply chain cancer causing gobsmack; Glyphosate, GMO, MRNA, Uranium, Mercury, Lead, Fluoride, Aspartame, etc.

Amidst the backdrop of a socially engineered attempt to harm the republic from within waves a flag of technocratic 5G.  These devilish technologies - 5G being the flag ship - can watch your children in the shower.  

They can listen to conversations happening in your home, inspect your bank accounts, and scan your home for weapons or other contraband.  The same networks of investors who developed mind programming technology in the modern age (social networks) are pushing 5G to drive your cars, take out the bad guys, and supercharge your smart phones.   These RF technologies, as we have covered at length here at Spearfish City Limits, are multi-faceted and dangerous devices that can be weapons, communications technologies, lights, and much more.

When not considering studies funded by the wireless technology industry, nearly 70% of studies showed danger to humans from wireless antennas.

Have we created too many of our technologies without the moral high ground?  Americans have been cut-out of two important loops.  First, US technologists were prevented (defunded) from building systems that created election integrity.  Second, US philosophers have been demonized, marginalized, and financially and morally suffocating technology built by foreigners (H1B) helped rig a US election and has resulted in the US treasury being looted and sent to Ukraine.

Get your heads in the game.

Compromised RF, Social Media, AI driven social credit scoring systems don't need to steal the nation at the ballot boxes arguably after 2020.  These systems are two full cycles (40 years) into the dumbing-down and rigging of American consciousness.  With a rigged consciousness, rigged elections are not needed.  The lineage and full appreciation of the emancipating nature of the Articles of Confederation, US Constitution, and Bill of Rights underpin the first nation, republic founded on a set of ideas, not race.  Fundamentally, The USA is not a racist country, slavery is wrong, and black people were and are slave owners.

This begs the question.  Who now knows the truthful, salient differences between Joe Biden and President Trump?

On its current trajectory, with the moral implications brushed aside, the technology we're deploying now could be controllable by a single person and a legion of middle management AI.
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