Religious Studies with John Dale - a Morning Dissertation over Coffee

2023-11-20 06:56:54.0

Religious studies session over coffee this morning.

Trying to break some dangerous conditioning.

Two Kingdoms Doctrine

This is what is so offensive to technocrats and intellectuals about Western religion

My views on this is why I still have a youtube channel in my view

This kind of idea divides us

Its not that we have to have the exact same beliefs, but what if murder all whites was a core belief of a religion. Would we allow that belief to continue?  No, so there are some tenets of religions and/or world views that we do not want to persist.

What happens if a ruthless unscrupulous leader takes over

Israel is the seat of the Western church

Take that over and you can start WWIII

"[Two Kingdoms Doctrine] teaches that there exist two kingdoms on earth that do not share communion with one another.  This doctrine states that while people of the kingdom of this world use weapons to fight one another, those of the kingdom of Christ strive to follow Jesus"

God has therefore ordained two regiment(s): the spiritual which by the Holy Spirit produces Christians and pious folk under Christ, and the secular which restrains un-Christian and evil folk, so that they are obliged to keep outward peace, albeit by no merit of their own -- Martin Luther

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