Spearfish City Limits Presents: Lilias Jarding from Black Hills Clean Water Alliance

2023-12-16 09:41:08.0
Dr. Jarding returns to the program with news of gold exploration drilling in The Black Hills.

We discuss the economic motivations and economic realities of Black Hills Mining projects.

Dr. Jarding shares some of her own personal history with mining in The Black Hills.

We track the record for cleanliness of current operations in the hills.

The Forrest Service has, disingenuously in my opinion, declared "Finding of No Significant Impact" or FONSI for the Golden Crest Drilling Exploration project.

Many groups of all kinds are impacted by this and other mining projects, which are designed to grow, which naturally increases the risk of environmental damage.

We wrap-up by having a couple of examples of how you can comment and make your opinions known, and by illustrating a few examples of success of the public input process in postponing these projects.

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