The "Fake" American Music Scene Turned Coward During Covid

2023-10-30 06:34:50.0
In a very cringe worthy and disingenuous interview in my opinion, according to Five Times August, husband, father, songwriter, "With COVID & just worldwide tyranny, there was never a better time to speak up against the man."

Before I can say for sure whether this is a genuine artistic thrust, I would need to interview them myself.

The counter cultural movement of the 60's grew older and started thinking more about protecting their investments than they did about standing up against the machine.

"The children of the 60's are still significant demographically, and don't want to surrender power."

In my view, musicians coming through the chute now have likely been selected like always, and are likely being puppeted by the same people who orchestrated the anti-free speech campaign that made the events of the last 7 years possible.

The song, "Silent War" is a clarion call for US Christianity that, conveniently, doesn't get-at the root of the problem; the technocratic deployment of tools for mass surveillance commissioned by the same group of people who bring you this mis-targeted music.

Music that truly identifies the root causes of mankind's consternation are left into the ether, to be stolen and usurped, captivated, and possessed, in need of true exorcism that only reason and common sense can provide.

Pictured - the heady and rotund producer and (left, green) and the obviously guided musician having an incomplete fact set.

Also pictured, the start of "Unseen War" by John Dale, and the opening frames of "Silent War" by Five Times August.

Click here to listen to Silent War, an overly generalized appeal to emotion which will placate you and steer you from the truth; your devices are offensive to privacy and addictive.

Contrast that with Unseen War by John Dale, a direct and substantive criticism of the offensive trend of mass surveillance and addictive devices that are the root cause of what Five Times August tries to decry.

The leadership of the Christian community, in my view, commissioned and manages the surveillance state and all its apparatuses.  They can't keep it secure, so now every mafia and organized criminal syndicate has access to intimate details of what is happening in your home and out of your home, at all times during the day.  

It's God-like power.
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