Updated, Damage Done? (Warning, uncomfortable topic): "Dale John" Appeared in South Dakota Sex Offender Registry

2023-07-15 06:21:00.0
Attached, to the right, is a listing result via a well known search engine.  Notice how simple it might have been to confuse "John Dale" with "Dale John Asarga" with some simple highlighting.

A large version of the image can be downloaded by clicking here.

Years ago, shortly after I moved to Spearfish, I checked the South Dakota sex offender registry for our town, Spearfish, SD.  I have three children, and it's my responsibility as a father to look into such things.

So, imagine my shock to find my name listed in my town.

Note: I am not a sex offender.

After doing a cursory bit of research, I found it was another person with the same name listed as a sex offender in our town.  At the time, I didn't think anything of it.  "People are smart enough to click the listing and verify for themselves before ruining my life and spreading a lie that this is the same person", I thought to myself.

Then, years ago, while in Flanagan's Irish Pub one evening, I was perplexed when a young man named Aaron recommended I go to another bar where sex offenders were welcome. It's not the kind of statement that has any good thing to say in response, so I ignored it. I was confused and forgot about it.
It wasn't until years later that I interviewed Reverend Jason Goodwill.  In the interview, Reverend Goodwill disclosed a dirty trick done to him in Sheboygan, WI.  He was prosecuted for the crimes of someone else having the same name.
Update: The article was edited for clarity and accuracy. The attached search result was discovered and attached on/around 07/08/2023.
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