Was George Floyd's Cause of Death Murder?

2023-05-25 17:16:31.0
According to Owen Shroyer of InfoWars.com, the autopsy revealed that George Floyd had Covid.  The coroner noted that there was a lethal amount of Fentanyl in his system.  He also found no life threatening injuries anywhere on the body.

George Floyd resisted arrest, ingested a lethal amount of illegal drugs, and head a heart attack while the police were using force to detain him.

George Floyd once pointed a loaded pistol at a pregnant woman while his accomplice robbed her.

These facts are verifiable.

The autopsy is available online.

Cities were looted, innocent people died, and the entire country was terrified by the aftermath of the lies about George Floyd, a fellow flawed human being that was exploited by bad people to hurt our national community.
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