What Does President Trump's Arrest Mean for America?

2023-06-09 23:39:44.0
One the one hand:
We have a group of people who believe they have been oppressed and persecuted and exploited since birth.  They feel heritage was stolen, and human slavery is still happening.  They believe in morality and judgement, that slavery is wrong, and that we can't save everybody but we should try.

One the other hand:
We have inheritors of immense Western power, derived from the fertile ancient Roman fields of war; intellectually, physically, technologically.  They feel their right is the destiny to promulgate their power on others.  Over time, as populations increased and became unmanageable through war-like force, other means were developed so sinister so as to create blow-back to the USA from foreign fields of exploitation.

Then, there is President Trump:
We have President Trump threatens the inertia of the war machine that feels it must keep going to protect us from the blow back it created.  If we somehow manage the moment and persist through this new technological age, reparations threaten to create a web of corrosive compensation dating back thousands of years.  What Trump is protecting is the right to innovate freely.  He is on the right side of history, but as history unfolds who will have incentive to innovate when markets, like African desert watering holes, are preyed upon by all manner of opportunists?

The predators lurk just beneath the surface of every market, empowered by the wild west of surveillance opened by The Patriot Act.  Trump's legal challenges - unprecedented for any President - represent the bite marks of his investment in draining the swamp, exposing the predators, and dehydrating them.
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